You’re going to find all kinds of good eats when you visit the restaurants I’m about to show you in Arlington TX. The city of Arlington has a ton of restaurants for you to choose from, and some of them are really going to make your mouth water. When you’re hungry, it’s time to find a good place to eat and quick. I’m going to help you with that as you look for which of these places you want to eat in Arlington, Texas.

Catfish Sam’s is located at 2735 West Division Street. Just a heads up, Division Street Diner is also on the same street, and you can get a delicious breakfast there. I mentioned Division Street Diner in another article. Back to Catfish Sam’s, expect home cooking and enormous portions. If you want catfish prepared the right way, it looks like this is a good spot. And you’re talking about all you can eat, so you can’t beat that.

Beirut Rock Cafe is a gem of a place to eat in Arlington. The cafe is located at 1201 South Cooper Street, and it is known for its beef shin and baklava, among other delicious food items. This Lebanese restaurant is also known for its generous portions, which seems to be the theme when you are in Arlington, Texas. Have you ever tried a falafel sandwich?

Next up is Jay Jay Cafe, which is located at 4401 Little Road. There you will find home cooking, including liver and onions. Now I’m not a fan of liver and onions, but I know quite a few people who are. Besides, they have other great dishes on the menu at Jay Jay Cafe, too. Reviews talk highly of the coconut cream pie if you are up for dessert.

It’s always a good time to order up a gyro. If you want a gyro, one great place to get it in Arlington is Gyros House. This dining establishment is located at 720 West Division Street, and it’s a wonderful place to get a delicious gyro and fries. One great thing about this place is that it also has a drive thru.

Whether you are in a hurry or want to sit down and enjoy a delicious meal and take your time, Arlington has some great places to eat waiting for you. Is one of these four picks going to fit the bill tonight? Don’t forget the place I mentioned for breakfast, too, as it’s also one of the best restaurants in Arlington, Texas.